Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some New Live Sketches

These were two of the best live caricatures I did on Monday at Busch Gardens. They are examples of what I like to refer to as a complete caricature- one that has excellent line quality, has elements of exagerration and likeness in good balance, and is dynamic in posture or expression. Most days I would consider only a couple of my drawings to be post-worthy.


  1. Found your blog! I really like that second one. It's cute for you, but still pretty exaggerated.

    Hey, I still have a couple photos of a caricature you took with my camera one day... I need to email them to you or something.

  2. treybonzo!!! i added your link to my blog! now go join the ncn!!! and get your plane ticket to OHIO!!!

  3. Coolio, Trey! I think this is great! Can't wait to see more.